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Featured Member
Merrill Mefford

As my parents and I were heading down to La Jolla to stay with friends over the Memorial Holiday weekend in 1960, I heard on the radio that a high school classmate had been killed at the hands of another classmate. I attended the funeral and was not impressed with the way she looked. Having taken some art classes in the past, I became curious about the preparation of decedents - I figured I could do better. My dad was in a sportsman's club with the owners of two local mortuaries so I visited both of them to discuss the profession. Both of these facilities were rather small, so I applied for a job at a larger firm in the area but was told they could not use me as my hair was too short (I had a flat top). I was at a crossroads in my life and had to make a decision as to my immediate plans; enlist in the armed forces, the police academy, or get a job at a mortuary. My eyes were not good enough to be a pilot, nor a police officer, so I decided on the mortuary business.


Code of Ethics:

As OCFDA members we commit to follow a strong code of ethics:
• To set an example of good citizenship by honesty and fairness in all dealings.
• To perform all services in a dignified and respectful manner.
• To respect the confidence of each family served.
• To be ever-mindful of the welfare of co-workers.
• To observe all public health laws and support enactment of all just laws pertaining to the mortuary profession.
• To encourage the advancement of all facets of funeral service.
• To extend any assistance necessary in offering service in individual cases of actual hardship.
• To conduct all services in a manner that will assist in meeting the needs of the decedent, both religious and personal of all those served.
• To cooperate and deal fairly with other funeral directors.

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