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Jamie Tanabe


Jamie Tanabe scattered cremated remains from her airplane for the first time in 2001 on the request of a local funeral director. That first flight was flown by Jamie and her father, Robert. They started flying lessons together when Jamie was 17 and they have been flying together ever since. Robert designed and built the scattering device for that first flight that Jamie still uses today. The opportunity to perform such a moving and beautiful service for the family touched Jamie's heart, and it inspired her to start her aerial cremated remains scattering business, A Journey With Wings.

Cremated remains scattering by air is a unique and beautiful service. Jamie's team can coordinate the in-air scattering with a service on the ground. A scattering service off the coast of southern California can be viewed from a beach, restaurant, or pier – one of the most popular locations to view an at-sea scattering is from the Point Fermin Lighthouse near Angel's Gate Park.

A Journey With Wings can also scatter cremated remains over land. California law allows cremated remains scattering over land location with the permission of the landowner or controlling agency. Jamie has scattered clients over amazing locations such as Yosemite National Park, the Grand Canyon, Catalina Island, and Mount Whitney. There are some locations that are restricted, but Jamie has cultivated relationships with private landowners in a few select areas that would otherwise be unavailable, such as Saddleback in Orange County and the Angeles National Forest.

To date, A Journey With Wings has scattered cremated remains for over 1,800 clients. Several families are repeat customers, and Jamie's unique service allow for scattering of the cremains at the exact same location years apart. If you think your clients would be interested in this service, Jamie can make arrangements for an aerial scattering directly with you, or you can refer your clients to her to plan their special event. Jamie can be reached by phone at 800-407-6401 or by email at info@aJourneyWithWings.com.

Featured Members

Code of Ethics:

As OCFDA members we commit to follow a strong code of ethics:
? To set an example of good citizenship by honesty and fairness in all dealings.
? To perform all services in a dignified and respectful manner.
? To respect the confidence of each family served.
? To be ever-mindful of the welfare of co-workers.
? To observe all public health laws and support enactment of all just laws pertaining to the mortuary profession.
? To encourage the advancement of all facets of funeral service.
? To extend any assistance necessary in offering service in individual cases of actual hardship.
? To conduct all services in a manner that will assist in meeting the needs of the decedent, both religious and personal of all those served.
? To cooperate and deal fairly with other funeral directors.

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