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Digital signatures at Orange County Coroner's Office

California law gives government agencies the option to accept a digital signature in lieu of a manual signature as long as it meets certain criteria. The criteria are numerous and very technical, and I won't pretend that I understand them. However, The Secretary of State adopted regulations which narrow down the digital signatures allowable to those created by systems/companies who are certified with the Secretary of State as using an "acceptable technology." A list of those certified providers is available at the following website:


Current OCCO Release Form

When you present the Coroner Division with a release signed with a digital signature, we will likely be asking you who the provider is that you are using. We will look up the website and if your provider is listed as using and acceptable technology, we will accept the signature as if it were a manual signature. Conversely, if your provider is not on the list, or their certification has expired, we will ask that you either obtain a manual signature, or use an approved provider on the list.

Bruce Lyle
Assistant Chief Deputy Coroner
Orange County Coroner's Office
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